Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lock Bag Mk. I

Here it is. The days of balancing the bike on my toe while I fumble around for the lock are over.

I was not expecting to get away with it on the first attempt. I didn't have to pull a single stitch. This pattern felt more dependent on elbow grease than repetition. Stitching the little loops was repetitious though.

Red goes faster. Not sure what the red brake pads do for performance though. I'm going to make another blog entry right after this just about my bike. The rack is made in Germany by Tubus, called Fly, and made of 10mm stainless tubing. The welds are clean. The little connector leg you can see on the top left was not part of the rack, but I'll explain that more on that in the next entry.

Here is the pattern sans loops, with two sewing... sketches. The upper left corner of the pocket piece should have a sharp point instead of being clipped like it is. That is the one mistake I made; not a big deal. The tiny pocket was to double check that I would put the hems the right way before I inverted it. I have a couple little pockets like that floating around. Slightly too nice to throw away, but still completely useless.

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  1. GORGEOUS LOCK HOLDER. I have to yell that in all caps cuz it is so SICK!