Saturday, December 22, 2018

Failed Composite Molding Plug

 Applied chavant y2 klay:

Here's where I went wrong. If I understand correctly, I should have made some sheet metal tools to make a better surface on the clay, then applied layer(s) of fiberglass. After that I can use thickened epoxy filler and surface primer both followed by sanding to create a nice surface.

I didn't know any of this. I slopped on some epoxy filler and revisited my life decisions.

Better luck on second attempt!

Banjo Kit

Assembled a banjo kit for myself to play. For the cost of the kit and how easily it went together, I am really happy with it! I thought of building it from scratch, but I've got too much other work right now.

I really like how it sounds with the nylon strings, a bit like a lute. Better for playing in apartment and more suited to the kind of music I like.

The kit is pretty well made (especially for $300) but there was one flaw I found annoying. The neck is secured in its mortise by a single 10-24 screw, and with the placement of the screw hole, the entire force of the strings was placed as shear force on the screw. I moved the hole a few mm and turned a brass washer to fit the enlarged counterbore:

Also added a 5th string capo so I can change keys easily-

They included brass nails to use as string pegs. I wanted something fancier, so I turned some grooves in stainless taper pins and used them as the pegs: