Friday, November 15, 2013

Drafting Machine

I use my drafting board so much that I decided it is time for a drafting table with machine. Commercially available ones are too much expense for not enough precision and rigidity. Aluminum extrusions in precision machinery make me feel cold and weak inside. I'm building my own.

Useless mock-up for giggles

I started the design two days ago. I probably won't get restful sleep for two weeks until things start to settle down. It will be overbuilt and glorious. It will be accurate. How accurate, I don't know, but it's going to stay that accurate.

Also, no CAD. That would curse it, no doubt.

Posts might drop below three per week as the engineering team slaves away with the .7mm DRAFT/MATIC and sketch book. There will be graphite, eraser shavings, blood, sweat, and McMaster will request that I Login to Continue Browsing at least three times. 

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