Saturday, November 9, 2013


I used to have a job with Hardinge CHNC/SP lathes that used cutting oil. I came home saturated in it. I decided to make some aprons to wear at work, which helped. Deburring tool bottom right, 3/16" modified hex wrench aside solvent marker in floppy pocket, 4" adjustable square in bottom left for setting bar stock in collet, pen in pen pocket, and cutting oil to fill the gaps.

The original pattern. Looks like humidity affected it.

One of my aprons, still in use.

 The center section and bias tape were originally a light cream color. After washing the fabric (before sewing), it turned pink. I wasn't tough enough to walk around the machine shop wearing pink, so I stuck the wad of fabric in a warm pot of blueberry sauce overnight. It was originally a nice bluish grey, now it's just... weathered.

Proprietary bike maintenance apron for my brother. Same fabric as my apron, just less abused.


First item I made when I got my sewing machine; a cloth toolbox if you will.

Other side

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