Sunday, December 21, 2014


Also made from bias-cut flannel.

The past two weeks I have built two sawhorses; overhauled a bandsaw, a contractor tablesaw, and a drill press, made a present; and started rebuilding a cement shear. The tablesaw the most intensive project. I replaced every bearing in it (6?), removed the rust, aligned the trunnions using an indicator, replaced missing bolts, fixed the lock on the fence, and re-wired the motor for 220v. The arbor bearings were a very tight 30-year-old press fit. I don't have a real press (Edit: I have a nice 'push-puller' now), but I do have these 1/2" threaded rods which were going to be part of cheap bench vises. Well greased, it still took about 30lbs of force on the end of the wrench to press the arbor off.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Running Hat

I made some running hats for my dad. The pattern is original, the general design isn't. They're made from bias-cut flannel. Mason charges $6000/hr for modeling. I only paid him $5500 so he looks like he just ate a slug.

If you hired him properly I'm sure he'd smile.

I've got a maker mark now; I've been putting it on things. It is inspired by (nearly copied from) Nichijou and all the people who say I am birdlike. I wish it was more original, but the straight lines and simple shape are perfect. I can put it on metals with a cold punch, on wood with chisels, and on cloth with some seriously permanent fountain pen ink:

If you're interested, I'll make you one for $20. Custom sizes and colors available on request. I also have another hat design that is taller and floppier; I'll post pictures of that soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Paper Tree, Pencil Pouch, Pusheen

Design of tree by Francesco Guarnieri. If you google it, it's called a 'Fir Tree', though it looks more like a spruce to me. Below is a pencil pouch I made for a friend.

She also likes Pusheen, so I made her a 2d paper version. Before I cut out the cat, I had to sketch the outline. The design is Claire Belton's.