Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slingshot Catch Box

I might end up in the psych ward for slingshot obsession. Till then, slingshot everything!

Above is an 11" square target, or a catch to sit behind the target. It stops the steel balls and keeps them contained so that my cheap ass may re-use them. It works pretty well, although the fabric has already started to tear around the grommets.

Kangaroo leather is supposedly the best for pouches, but it's very expensive. Thinking cow leather would be good enough, I made a pouch of some about 1mm thick. It tore at the end holes a little too much for comfort. I came up with a knot/stitching pattern with the sewing awl to reinforce the holes. So far the pouches with stitching have worked really well.

Smaller pouch, for 4.5mm bb's:

Fir slingshot ready to shoot:

I also made this fixture for attaching the bands to the pouch:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Maple Slingshot, Glasses Rest

These are just cloth pads to set glasses on, done on commission.

Below is a maple slingshot with what I think is an Okoume plywood center. Its shape was inspired by Joerg Sprave's Moorhammer, but it's a bit smaller and more bulbous. It's for sale until mid June 2015: $60 +$15 for custom bands and pouch. Could also make an ammo bag if it tickles your fancy. Email me if interested.

I made some more slingshots, the pattern of which are a blatant copy of some I saw in a video by 1611torsten. I meant to keep this one; I'm starting to shoot with arms spread all the way. I can make you one if you want, though. This one is fir with okoume ply.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Drawer Knob Machining, Heat Pad Cover

I set up the Taig lathe to make 50+ drawer pulls. I haven't found many videos of manual machining on the Taig, so I took a video to show what it's like.

Stock is 5/16" C360 brass. Spindle speed is about 400 rpm. This is the first of two operations.

I also made a heat pad cover for Mom. Flannel lined, hand sewed buttonholes.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Illuminated Sonobe Ball

The first picture is more accurate as far as brightness. I turned up the exposure for the second one. Made of tracing paper and the light module I mentioned in an earlier post:

Monday, May 4, 2015

Bird Deflectors

Birds kept crashing into my windows, so I hung some ornaments inside to try to prevent it. Some websites say birds are fighting their reflection, and that objects must be placed outside to prevent crashes. I ignored this advice, and it has been going well. It went from a collision a week, to two or three that I witnessed in the year since I hung the ornaments.

Upstairs had the same problem, so I made some more for those windows. I've made the better part of 100 triangle things now.

Below, the third throwing sling I've made. This time for a friend.

I am working on a unit origami ball. I wanted it to be lit from the inside, so I made this ring to give the LED's some structure.

Here it is populated and powered:

And an origami fox:

I'm currently working on the drafting machine and some brass drawer pulls for drawer cabinets that my dad makes. On the left is the drawer pull, the right is a side handle for the cabinet carcase.

Above are some of the drawers dad has made with the box joint jig.