Friday, February 9, 2018

Sailboat Cushions I and II

The first two of about ten cushions for the sailboat-

The cushion underneath (above) and below is the first one I made. The wrinkles are due to me not teasing the foam around inside, and putting too much tension into the piping as I sewed.

Below is the inside of the cushion, showing the grosgrain I used to bind the edges of the fabric. This is the ugliest part of these--

This is Sunbrella Dupione Henna fabric, with burgundy v-69 thread.

Below are some more fabric mats I made for dad's drawer chests. These are a little more stable and accurate than the last ones. Like the first part off a CNC machine in a production run, maybe it's more about what you can learn from the first part than the luck factor of getting it all right the first time.

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