Sunday, February 4, 2018

Bias Tape

Not exactly worth a post on its own, but I think this method is really neat. I took two yards of sunbrella, and cut/sewed it in such a way to produce a tube of fabric with the fabric grain 45 degrees to the axis of the tube. Then I cut around it in a helix, to produce one long continuous strip of bias tape. You can search 'continuous bias tape' to find instructions.

Above you can see the intersection of two seams on the far left corner. When I got to the piece of tape which included those seams, I cut out the bulky section and spliced the ends back together.

The tape is for piping around cushions for my brother's sailboat.

The moment we've been waiting for! I wondered how the error in my cutting would accumulate after the ~40 passes--both ends of the fabric tube were parallel when I started. This was the piece that was left:


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