Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Slingshot Catch Box, Cleat Repair

Above: Lid removed, looking down into
Below: Ball chute

Best catch box yet. From the factory of useless whimsy and universal appeal.

The paper front keeps the light bb's from bouncing out, is not necessary for steel balls. The lid lifts off and holds the rags to stop the projectiles.

Fixed cleat in the early morning. I got the idea from this guy. Props to him for using transformer wire, a nail, and whatever thread he had! Unusual guy, unusual video. After doing this a bunch of times, I've found three things are really helpful:
  1. .020" music wire - strong and stiff
  2. The strongest, thickest thread you can find. I used V-346 Kevlar
  3. Handles on wire

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