Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beam Compasses, Wok Handle, Golden Ratio Dividers

Beam compasses, I made for myself of cherry. Steel thumb screws. I bought the points from Tools From Japan.

The left point is held with socket head cap screws. The beams are hand planed dovetails; very smooth and accurate. The points/pencil are held in place with tapered wooden pins I whittled. Actually, they are mostly held in place by friction, but the pins are there in case the holes get looser. The top half of the point holders have a larger hole which slides easily across the point.

This photo is garbage, but here is the long and short one next to each other. The long one will draw a 800mm radius or so. 

Wok handle (just the wooden part), I made of alder. Air dried alder is so nice to work with. Some pieces end up looking a bit like cherry too, like this one. Wok seasoning under way.

Golden ratio dividers, made of cherry. Can do about a 5.5' span. Uses shoulder screws, so the wood pivots on a smooth surface and the screws won't come loose.


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