Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lightbox, Cleats III

Fir body, walnut top. The glass was from a broken scanner. The back of the glass is covered in self adhesive PVC film. The glass is held firmly in place by a friction fit around the edges.

Wish the screws would have backed out on the light socket terminals so that I could have done a more pretentious connection, but I couldn't unscrew them without breaking the terminals. LED bulbs total 7 w. It doesn't even get warm to the touch.

 Finger joints.

I sewed these new cleats to help them last longer, symmetrically this time. The stitches are staggered for strength (in theory). I ground a triangular cross-section HSS drill bit to perforate the plastic sole which worked perfectly. A regular twist drill gets tangled on the fibrous innard and bends/breaks.

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