Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Odd Repairs

I worked in these shoes for two months, causing the mesh in the toes to fall apart. I sewed some leather patches on them. Looks a little funny but I can wear them for another year :)

Been messing with a 3D printer and fusion360. I made a vent fan with duct adaptor and wiring enclosure. I'm trying to focus on creating more elegant designs; this assembly was kind of crude. Functional though.

Good for making odd lofted surfaces, no doubt!

Didn't have a cord grip on hand, why not print it?

Fixed the clothes rack. This clothes rack is great for drying clothes and tripping my girlfriend when she gets ready for work. They just do not get along.

In the same spirit of things-made-quickly-with-hand-tools, here are some big file handles for 12" and 14" files. I ground a lathe tool to turn the ID of the copper tube, so that it would compress the fibers as it was pressed on.

Lastly, my friend hired me to fit some handle scales to knives he started. I machined the edges of the brass and micarta so they'd be tight. The slotted pins have shoulders, which meant all of the holes in the micarta had to be counterbored. Would almost have been worth making a piloted counterbore.

I'm working six days a week to build a shop space for my dad. It should eventually offer a space to store my welding equipment- maybe we'll delve into some genres new to this blog.

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