Friday, February 22, 2019

Website shift

Howdy friends!

I'm going to start posting on instead of this blog. It seems a shame to completely divide a blog this old into its own slice of time, so I will probably post odd bits here now and again.

It's a bit easier to blog with my own domain. It's up to me and the people I pay ( to store my content this way--it seems like a more sustainable arrangement.

The website was once part of plans to make a living as an artist, but circumstances have changed and I've been swinging a hammer instead of a pencil. I'll just stick to the roots of this blog, mostly just a way for my friends and family to see what I do when I'm off the clock. So far is just the drawings from a small slice of time, but with good luck it'll slowly and quietly expand like this blog has.

With that, I just posted some doodles there of arrows.

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