Friday, July 17, 2015

Box Joint Jig II, Etc.

I made a second box joint jig for dad, which he uses for large panels that won't fit in the screw advance box joint jig. It has an adjustable steel indexing block which is very accurate. The jig will get small toggle clamps soon to help keep the panels pressed against the backing strip. This prevents tearout.

I rebuilt a drill press for myself, above is the switch plate I made for it. I'm currently rebuilding an 8" Powermatic jointer and a Craftsman power hacksaw.

Block Plane holder above. Below is a wooden bearing press I made. I have a stout bearing puller, but it's not good at pressing. A decent hydraulic press is out of my league, so this is my substitute. 5/8" acme threaded rod and hickory.

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