Thursday, August 6, 2015

Olympia SM9 covers, Jersey Patch

I made three of these canvas Olympia SM9 covers. The person they are for has an older SM9 than mine. Although these covers are pictured on my typewriter, they are meant to fit the slightly differently shaped green/grey/white typewriters. Done on commission.

I used to think the ability to do straight lockstitch only would be a handicap. While it does require additional manual labor in many cases, the result is generally more durable and prettier. Normally, this hem would be finished on an overlock machine. Since I'm not in a hurry, I've trimmed it with grosgrain (above). In other cases I'll do a flat felled seam, french hem, make a liner, or just invert the entire piece.

Below, I made a muslin liner for this one. The grey shell fabric is not very pleasant to work with but it looks alright. In terms of stability it felt like sheets of gelatin to me. It also frayed when I looked at it.

Here's a bias-cut flannel patch on a biking jersey for my sister. It hardly looks out of place!

GTAW Hand-stitched perimeter.

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