Sunday, April 5, 2015

Box Joint Jig

Designed by Matthias Wandel, made by me. The design is really good, I think. Lots of elegant aspects. I made it of the wood we had lying around: walnut, fir, cherry, and mystery plywood.

Above, you can see a big drawer I made in the background. It rolls out on the old bearings I pulled from the table saw arbor. The slides just nest in the table stretchers, no fasteners. My dad made the table, and you can see his fancy boot on the right there.

First test was just about perfect. I can tell that we are going to use this jig a lot.


  1. This machine is SO cool. I volunteer to film you making a box joint with your awesome contraption so people can see just how it works. It's magic.

  2. I volunteer to watch the film. :) Impressive work, Dylan!