Monday, May 4, 2015

Bird Deflectors

Birds kept crashing into my windows, so I hung some ornaments inside to try to prevent it. Some websites say birds are fighting their reflection, and that objects must be placed outside to prevent crashes. I ignored this advice, and it has been going well. It went from a collision a week, to two or three that I witnessed in the year since I hung the ornaments.

Upstairs had the same problem, so I made some more for those windows. I've made the better part of 100 triangle things now.

Below, the third throwing sling I've made. This time for a friend.

I am working on a unit origami ball. I wanted it to be lit from the inside, so I made this ring to give the LED's some structure.

Here it is populated and powered:

And an origami fox:

I'm currently working on the drafting machine and some brass drawer pulls for drawer cabinets that my dad makes. On the left is the drawer pull, the right is a side handle for the cabinet carcase.

Above are some of the drawers dad has made with the box joint jig.

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