Sunday, May 17, 2015

Maple Slingshot, Glasses Rest

These are just cloth pads to set glasses on, done on commission.

Below is a maple slingshot with what I think is an Okoume plywood center. Its shape was inspired by Joerg Sprave's Moorhammer, but it's a bit smaller and more bulbous. It's for sale until mid June 2015: $60 +$15 for custom bands and pouch. Could also make an ammo bag if it tickles your fancy. Email me if interested.

I made some more slingshots, the pattern of which are a blatant copy of some I saw in a video by 1611torsten. I meant to keep this one; I'm starting to shoot with arms spread all the way. I can make you one if you want, though. This one is fir with okoume ply.

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