Sunday, December 21, 2014


Also made from bias-cut flannel.

The past two weeks I have built two sawhorses; overhauled a bandsaw, a contractor tablesaw, and a drill press, made a present; and started rebuilding a cement shear. The tablesaw the most intensive project. I replaced every bearing in it (6?), removed the rust, aligned the trunnions using an indicator, replaced missing bolts, fixed the lock on the fence, and re-wired the motor for 220v. The arbor bearings were a very tight 30-year-old press fit. I don't have a real press (Edit: I have a nice 'push-puller' now), but I do have these 1/2" threaded rods which were going to be part of cheap bench vises. Well greased, it still took about 30lbs of force on the end of the wrench to press the arbor off.

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