Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Running Hat

I made some running hats for my dad. The pattern is original, the general design isn't. They're made from bias-cut flannel. Mason charges $6000/hr for modeling. I only paid him $5500 so he looks like he just ate a slug.

If you hired him properly I'm sure he'd smile.

I've got a maker mark now; I've been putting it on things. It is inspired by (nearly copied from) Nichijou and all the people who say I am birdlike. I wish it was more original, but the straight lines and simple shape are perfect. I can put it on metals with a cold punch, on wood with chisels, and on cloth with some seriously permanent fountain pen ink:

If you're interested, I'll make you one for $20. Custom sizes and colors available on request. I also have another hat design that is taller and floppier; I'll post pictures of that soon.

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