Friday, September 19, 2014

Wooden People

I saw this:

Then made this:

And some more:

...which are being sent to someone who can paint better than copying a still from an anime show. The darker ones are turned from alder from the firewood pile. The lighter one was made from the negative space of the futsal flag stand.

This is the awl I plan on keeping. It weighs about ten pounds (kidding, it's heavy though). On every awl, the tops of the setscrews are turned flat, the tips of the screws are all filed or turned to the correct shape, every corner is rounded or chamfered as well as my eye can tell. The aluminum ones are all nearly identical, but there are small differences. I try to match parts to the awls. The brass one has a different profile on the back and a longer tube for the thread, and it will have a different (less adjustable) needle bar out of preference. 

These are templates for pants patches. I'm patching pants. The top pair has maybe five holes. I will use the awl on them as soon as it's done.

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