Friday, September 26, 2014

Awl Mk. III, Number One

Yesterday I finished the first awl of this version. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.

Everything is polished, adjusted, and fit to perfection. It has many improvements over Mk. II:

-Needle bar is more adjustable to fit your hand, and easily so
-Needle locking screw is recessed so thread cannot catch on it
-Spring is held centered by counterbores on thread tensioner, so it cannot interfere with the threads
-Knurled brass thumbscrew to retain bobbin holder
-Bobbin holder head is smaller to allow for easier thread rewinding
-All corrosion resistant metals: 6061 alu.; 302, 303, and 316 ss.; and 360 brass.

It retained the little details of Mk. II that I liked:

-Stainless insert for bobbin holder thumbscrew
-Steel tube where thread exits bobbin recess
-Dowel pin to prevent thread tensioner from spinning
-Raised section on tensioner to keep sewing thread from interfering with threaded post.
-DBx1 needle and standard industrial bobbin

I'm selling these for $220 each. I will repair them as long as I am able in the unlikely event that it fails. They will be posted on my Etsy store.

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