Monday, October 15, 2018


Courtney asked for a shelf for her dearest plants, as they were all crammed onto a tiny wire nightstand.

I made some of the pieces in a proper shop, and some in the apartment shop with hand tools. Cutting dadoes is a very different experience on the table saw vs. hand saw/chisel/router plane; half of them were cut by each method. As the front uprights angled inwards towards the top, cutting them by hand was actually desirable in ways. For the back ones, I'd take the table saw any day, but would have instead made them dovetails if I did it by hand.

The shelves are aluminum offcuts from a local metal supplier. I had to trim three of them- you can see the bottom two aren't quite deep enough, but I saved a lot of money by not making them cut up a large sheet.

This is how I carried the wooden pieces back from the big shop- it was rainy and 10pm but overall a peaceful and quiet ride

Here was carrying the aluminum back with my groceries- I'm starting to grow attached to this bike. To me they start as inanimate machines, and gradually become more like animals or friends.

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