Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Website/Blog and Momi-Giri

Hey everyone!

I've started a new website for my drawings and paintings-

I'm also shifting to a new career--my goal is to make a living as an artist. For now, I am putting my time towards improving my skill and connecting with people.

I think I've mentioned my immune disorder now and then on this blog; I don't like to talk about it much. Like making things in a minimal shop, it doesn't feel like a restriction most of the time. Instead, it inspires me to try things I haven't done before. This blog itself was a product of that inspiration.

In short, I can draw, design, blog, and edit video 20-40 hours most weeks while remaining healthy and strong. Almost no other contemporary jobs come close to allowing me to do that.

I'm putting all I can towards this new career and will see where the wind carries me. Fundamentally this pursuit is not about me, but you, the reader. I'm excited to see what we make :)

For all of my die-hard fans (thanks mom), fear not, I will keep posting the objects I make on this blog-

This is a "yotsume-kiri", or four-sided japanese gimlet (momi-giri). It is used to make holes in wood for wooden or bamboo nails. I made this one to see how few tools I could make one with. The bit is made of annealed spring steel key stock, which I hammered and burnished to harden slightly. It is very sharp and accurate.

And a name plate for my girlfriend's friend, an elementary school teacher. The feet are bridle jointed to the face, glued, and wooden-nailed. The water-based finish makes it look a bit plasticky, but as C. said, "a kid will probably puke on it" so it's probably a good choice.