Thursday, April 19, 2018

Oyster Knife Handle II, Coat Patch

The friend that I made the first handle for asked me to make a second in time for his friend's birthday party. A bit of a marathon yesterday night to get the halves epoxied together. Laid this one out from the inside out to save time, which was a bit intimidating but I got away with it. The stick of ebony I made these out of has all sorts of surprises in it. It is such a tough wood--I had to sharpen my tools a few times as I went.

As I left it last night:

I also patched the thin fabric of my sister's down jacket. It doesn't look very good in the photo, but she was happy with it. I've repaired two down jackets on this blog before; the thread wants to pull the down out of the jacket through the exit holes. If anyone know how to avoid this...

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