Monday, January 23, 2017

Tongue and Groove Router Table

I built a router table dedicated to cutting tongues and grooves in 5/16 to 1/2" thick boards. It's all made of wood scraps except for the plywood tabletop itself. I made a handful of mistakes as I went along, designing and cobbling it together as I went. That said, the finished router table is completely functional and accurate, just a little weird looking.

Above is the wooden fitting that accepts the 4" dust collector hose. The clever router clamp made by Bosch has a hex broach cut into the bottom of the height adjustment screw, so that it can be adjusted from above the table using the T-handle hex key as shown above.

Below is one of the wooden fingers. I was going to install a cam to apply pressure downwards, but the big flat head hex drive screw holds it in place pretty well. The backside of the finger is relieved so that it does not squeak against the fence when it moves.

Plywood knobs. The screw is mortised into the underside of the table so it doesn't spin as it's tightened. 

The base of the router is mortised into the table so that the spindle nose can be raised above the surface of the table.

Here are the router bits for cutting the grooves, assembled.

And here's a shimmering new push stick to round it out!

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