Sunday, January 1, 2017

Coat Buttons Repair

The buttons started falling off my coat. It looks like they were hand sewn originally, and my heart goes out to the person who has to sew 400 buttons a day for a pittance. I only had to sew ten and I'm already blogging about it to soothe my ego.

The real purpose of this post was to show my materials of choice for durable repair sewing:
  • Waxed linen- I got a pretty sizeable spool from McMaster (Item No. 3858T13). Really pleasant to work with, does not tangle easily.
  • W. Smith and Sons needles- also a pleasure to use. They are expensive but this type of thing pays for itself after a single use (in the U.S. anyway)
  • Sailmaker's palm- buy it or make it. I got a W. Smith one and it works great, the quality is nothing to write home about though.
  • Needle puller- pliers work, but I use a piece of rubber or leather. Often hard to get the head of the needle through the material without something to grip the smooth needle body with.  

Happy repairing-

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