Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lathe Tool Box, Machined Bushings

All tools fit snugly. The inner frame is removable, so it can be changed when these tools are ground to nubs.

I'm helping someone make a prototype of their invention. He needed these saddle spacers for joining pipe and tube side-to-side. Pipe had an OD of 1.3" and tube had an OD of 1.25", which I matched on the spacers.

The mill is not powerful enough to spin a boring tool or fly cutter, so I made these wooden fixtures to attach to the rotary table. Both of my machine lathes were out of commission, so I used the wood lathe for drilling, tapping, and facing. The crescent shape on the left was turned on the wood lathe, where the reference surface on the bottom was also cut. This makes it pretty close to square when set against the rotary table surface.

Installed on the finished item:

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