Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Big Spoon, Saw Handle

Biggest spoon yet! 10 in. or 254 mm long. Just carved, not sanded. Oiled with walnut oil.

I also repaired a saw. I bought this cheap saw (blade) when I lived in a dorm and wanted to woodwork there. The crosscut side is not bad, the rip side leaves a lot to be desired. The handle was terrible; eventually it just fell apart and stopped holding the blade. Not that it ever really held the blade, but it lost all friction if you will.

The saw blade hung on the wall for a year, until tonight when I snapped. I hacked out a new wooden handle from a scrap of cherry. It took ~1.5 hrs.

I spend most of my awake hours with some sort of handle in my hand, and it's made me snooty. My hands get injured quickly with plastic or rubber handles, from blisters, or from having to squeeze them so tightly. Oiled wood handles are my favorite. In whittling for hours at a time, my hands are tired but they feel fine with the wooden-handled Mora knife. Sometimes I need to use my plastic-handled one. My hand starts hurting only a few minutes after picking the plastic one up.

I'll shorten the screws when they get in the way. Maybe later tonight, when the thought of them gets in the way of me falling asleep.

Edit, 1 a.m.:


Screws shortened, chamfered, thread lock applied, heads aligned, and lanolin applied to bare steel surfaces. Send help.

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