Saturday, September 5, 2015

Brass Handles

Here are four of eight brass handles I made for Dad to put on furniture. The 'knobs' are 3/4" diameter by 3/4" tall. Overall width is about 3 1/2". I also made eight handle-less knobs of the same dimensions.

Four months earlier:

From a previous post:

I'm rebuilding an old Craftsman power hacksaw. Taking my operation right into The Industrial Age.

Dad put the wide format box joint jig to good use. He's building a 34" square fan for us, which I designed. By "designed" I mean "ordered the parts for and scribbled out wooden connector pieces out in DaveCAD2000 Trial Version."

Fingers are 3/4" square. Forgot how deep the box is but feel free to count. It's big. Size reference is an ASME standard size LC-118-B bottle of C3H8O for those that counted the fingers.

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