Friday, September 11, 2015

Begleri Beads

For a friend who is good with tops, yo-yo's, etc.

I can't take much credit for this fan since Dad did 95% of the work. It's coming along; I took some pictures after I affixed the struts and installed the mechanical parts. It looks out of a different time. Louvers, inlet screen, fan duct, and motor mount are in progress.

Here is a whistle I whittled out of elderberry (?) stalk. The inside is like sponge so I just cleaned it out with another stick. It worked when it was wet; I knew it would stop working when it dried out and shrunk. I have some more stalk drying out so I can make a long-term whistle... or maybe a blowgun.

The tube can be all sorts of things. Probably the most elegant one is made of willow as Ben Orford shows. There aren't many willows here though. Here is the recipe. The plugs are just round wood of some kind.

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