Friday, August 22, 2014

Paper Laptop Feet and Sling

My laptop lost its rubber feet. I decided to make the replacements. My first thought was to cut up an eraser, but I thought it'd wear out too fast. A couple years ago I carved a laptop foot out of a feed roller from an inkjet printer, which worked well:

I didn't have any rubber lying around this time. I thought a wooden foot would be nice, a peg leg for a laptop! I decided to make them out of paper though.

I sewed a throwing sling earlier this week. It's fun to use. With the right rocks, it works well.

Edit: A noose is not so good for the end that stays attached to your finger. It tightens when you throw bigger rocks, and is uncomfortable. Best to just tie a single loop knot, and adjust it so it fits like you want.

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