Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thin .040" Parting Tool Holder


The slot has a dovetail shape to pull the parting blade towards the tool holder. It's really helpful if the blade can go right up next to the chuck. The parting tool holder made by Taig is weak in this department:

I skimmed maybe .075" off the blade clamp, but it still gets in the way all the time. I'm excited to have a holder that can part almost flush with the chuck!

To cut the dovetail on the new holder, I ground a safe edge on a cheap triangular file and finished the slot with it. It might have been faster to grind a single-point cutter, but this worked fine

It takes up half of the AXA tool holder; the other half will get a piece to hold a 1/4" facing tool at matching height to the cutoff tool.

Made for my 5c lathe. Ideally this would be made of 4140 or something like it, but I used the cold-rolled steel I had. I parted a 1/2" stainless rod and it worked a treat. I have never used a parting tool so thin, and it's a good match for small work and light lathes. I can get real stingy with my bar stock now :)

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