Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rocking Chair Cushions

I made these denim cushions for two rocking chairs that my dad made. The ones with ribbons get tied to the backs of the chairs, the other ones just rest on the seat. Being round, it took a bit of caution to get the top and bottom plates to align well. I divided them all into eight equal segments and kept the segments synchronized as I sewed. The ribbons also had to line up. As I do not have an overlock machine, I used grosgrain as bias tape around the edges on the inside. The cushions are just stuffed with a few layers of polyester batting.

Due to uh, manufacturing complexities, the maker tags have not been put on yet. I think I'll go put them on now-

The colors may look a little odd; the camera increases the contrast and makes red into violet. I edited them a little and they still look funny.

Took a picture of myself sewing the tags on. If you are wondering who writes this blog, this photo captures me pretty well. I make 98% of the things I do in this 4m x 4m space.

After these I'm making a full set of cushions and window blinds for a Catalina 27' sailboat! You can see the foam in the back left of the photo above.

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