Saturday, May 13, 2017

Belt Grinder

I got a KMG belt grinder a few months ago, and I've finally assembled all the parts. The motor is a 1.5 HP ABB. VFD is a dust proof AC tech.

The control panel is dust proof too, mounted with a wedge to the motor frame. I used a wedge in case I want to move it to a different position.

The motor base allows the motor to be removed without removing the base from the aluminum sub-plate. There's also clearance for a hex key so the whole assembly can be removed from the sub plate at once.

I made a beech frame for the motor and electronics. It was a bit of a challenge getting everything aligned. The motor mount position was determined by the belt length, which then dictated the position of the VFD, which dictated the position of the disconnect switch (the connection is rigid as you can see in the above photo). Everything lined up just right though, no bound screws. It was a squeeze getting all the wiring in, but it always seems that way with VFD's.

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