Wednesday, April 12, 2017

11mm Brass Knobs

I will take custom orders for these knobs, see last paragraph in this post for details. From $5.50 to $8.50 per knob

I made 130 of these brass knobs for the wooden boxes and furniture my dad makes. They are 11mm diameter and 11mm tall, or 7/16" if dad measures them, or .435" if I measure them. The faces are lapped to a sharp, even finish. The backs are tapped as deep as I dare with 10-32 threads, finished with a bottoming tap. We secure them to the drawers with stainless button-head hex-drive screws.

I made a plate, held on the tailstock, to dress the faces of the knobs:

Info on ordering these-
Sizes: 1/4" diameter up to 3/4"
Materials: Brass, copper, stainless, open to others
Price: $5.50 ea for smaller brass/stainless knobs up to $8.50 ea for larger ones. Minimum order 12 knobs.
Mounting: Any thread that will fit. Fine pitch is better on small knobs.

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