Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Presents

Mom and I made this hat for my baby nephew out of an old shirt sleeve. I did the hat, she did the pom-poms.

I made the above hat for my youngest brother. The fabric is from an old flannel sheet.

 I posted these items before, but I liked the packaging here.

Beanie tag detail. This hat was for my oldest brother.

 Flashlight bag for Dad.

Last but not least, I made two of these hat things for my older brother and his girlfriend. The horns are mirrored on the two hats.

Hand-sewn buttonholes.

Hand-sewn horns. Mom stuffed the horns and sewed the circular part of the cone on.

The frill fabric piece wasn't large enough to span the full length, so I had to join two pieces. It's hard to see on both hats, but it's shown in the picture above.

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