Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adjustable Tables

I designed, built, and installed these tables for a friend. I made them at my shop and installed them at his, which is why the photos are from my phone. They can be raised and lowered to accommodate the different machines: band saw, drill press, planer, edge sander, and surface sander.

Made of douglas fir, glued and screwed together. The corbels and top/bottom rails are bookmatched. The handles are re-positionable zinc 1/2-13 threaded, with square nuts on the back side. The steel sections are called 'strut channel', shimmed off the wall in places to be somewhat straight. Finished with polyurethane/oils.

Above, one of the pieces of lumber had taken a big hit at some point. The wood was split and falling off there, so I carved out the corner with a knife/rasp and glued in a piece to replace it.

Below, with table tops installed.

There was some concern that the design would cause the tables to slip down the channel. This was allayed when I tightened 2/4 handles and put my whole weight (a lot of people would argue that is no test of strength) on one with no sign of slippage.

I think they turned out really well. If I could have changed anything, I'd have made the rails skinnier and lighter so they are easier to lift. The tops pictured are made of particleboard; plywood tops would shave off another couple pounds. Those are recycled though, hard to beat the price and nice smooth top surface!

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