Friday, May 9, 2014

Crow Wallet

This is the same pattern as the paisley ones. Ornery to sew and they never seem to come out quite perfect. My error is on the right pocket, but the rest is pretty accurate. I think it looks nice anyway, time will tell how it holds up. My needle-feed industrial sewing machine can barely handle the seams on the ends, in that the needle wants to deflect and break.

Y'all's awls are coming along still. One chip at a time. Maybe I'll finish mine in time to repair the wallet when a seam goes, ha!

I used lots of paper shims because the vise isn't very accurate. The awls are though! Pending entries: updated air tank construction, touring recumbent trike for my dad, drawings of an old machine, a flag  for futsal, and the drafting machine.

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